Get a vintage summer look with polka dot and floral prints!

Summer has arrived, the sun is out, lockdown is easing and summer dresses are back in our lives.  So how do we get the vintage look this Summer?

Vintage dresses for Summer
You don’t have to wear vintage to look vintage. You could go shuffling through some second hand vintage clothing shops and find some dusty yet glorious dresses from the 1950’s. There sure are plenty of those around in Brighton. But if that’s not your thing, you can shop for a vintage-inspired dress, brand new for 2020.
Vintage inspired dresses never really seem to go out of fashion. Swing dresses, halter dresses, shirt midi dresses, and 60s and 70s inspired wrap dresses. But what we love is how a classic polka dot design or a floral print can give any style of dress a retro feel, and still be totally in-keeping with the modern woman and current trends.


Polka Dot and Floral Print Dresses
A vintage look is easy to achieve with a polka dot or floral print. Whether you are like to wear prints boldly or discreetly, a polka dot dress or a floral skirt will give any outfit a classic look.


Our Esme Dress in dark blue has a very elegant neckline with narrow, cutaway shoulders, a vintage-inspired skirt and classic polka dot print.

Shop Pretty Vacant Esme Polka Dot Dress!


Our Lauren Dress has a classic and elegant neckline, and a lovely subtle polka dot for a casual summer vintage-style dress.
Shop Lauren Dress in Polka Dot!



Our popular Pretty Vacant Brook dress in a lovely daisy print, inspired by 70s floral prints but with a modern and elegant design.

Buy Daisy Brook Vintage-style Dress!



We love our Debbie wrap dress in this retro geometric print. Still a floral dress but with a very classic vintage style. This dress is classic, elegant and fun.
Buy the Debbie Cosmos Dress!



Shop Pretty Vacant dresses for the vintage look this Summer

It’s easy to dress with a cool and casual vintage style in the Summer with one of our classic floral and polka dot dresses.  If you’re looking for something bit more fun and quirky, we also have plenty of vintage-style dresses with bold and beautiful prints that really leave an impression

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